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ANNOUNCEMENT: Night Access at Motley Crow

We are making some changes here at Motley Crow, in order to provide a more comfortable and secure working environment for all. In light of suggestions from our visitors, we have decided to take some steps to ensure a safer workspace for all of our members.

As of 06/07/2018 NIGHT ACCESS, between 10pm and 8am, will now be fully automated!

At the Motley Crow, anti-cafe, we believe that every customer is a member, and that every member should feel completely safe within our establishment, any time of the day or night. That is why we have implementated a new door entry system for those who would like to avail of our amazing 24/7 service.

Secure night access will be available with a designated fob key. These keys will be provided upon request, with a €5 deposit. Each key has a unique code, which means that if a fob key is lost, or stolen, it can be deactivated instantly, as an extra safeguard.

We take your safety seriously, and so with our fully automated door entry system, we provide secure access around the clock!

For more information, please call 089 474 4686 between 8am and 10pm or write to