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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Prices and Packages

Motley Crow anti-cafe are delighted to announce that from August 1st, 2018, we will be implementaing new prices and packages for our customers.

After recieving feedback from our customers regarding clearer payment options, and a desire for greater flexibility to give them more choice in how to spend their time here, we customised a new pricing plan and a collection of packages to suit a variety of needs.

You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new! Instead of our initial flat rate payment of €5 for the first hour, and 8c a minute thereafter, we opted for a clearer pricing option by reducing that price down to €4.80, giving a constistent price for time spent. However, we will still continiue to cap the price after five hours, so that you won't pay more than €24 per day.

 PASS  Description  Price
 1st Hour  Initial flat rate  €4.80
 Per minute after  80c per 10 minutes  €4.80 per hr
 Price Cap  5 hours+  €24.00

One option that was in high demand was that of a daily pass,and so we are bringing daily passes to our customers. These can be paid for in advance, or on the day, with each pass entitling the customer to come and goals they please with unlimited access to the space, facilities and equipment, for the time and date allocated. Meaning that the customer can rest assured, knowing that they have complete control of their time.

The Day Pass provides full access during our day hours, 8am to 10pm. The Nightly Pass provides full assess during our night-time hours and the 24 Hour Pass provides full access for 24 hours, from midnight to midnight! Night access at Motley Crow anti-cafe is fully automated, and so customers choosing to avail of this service will receive a keyfob, for which a small €5 deposit will be required.
 PASS  Access Hours  Price
 Day Pass  08.00-22.00  €24
 Night Pass  22.00-8.00  €12 (+€5)
 24 Hour Pass  00.00-24.00  €30 (+€5)

Another item that was highly requested were weekly passes, however we understand the need for choice, and so we have created three new packages as part of our MULTIPASS range.

The 7-Day Pass includes daily access for seven days of your choosing. With the 7-Day Pass customers can pick and choose which days that you want to come in, during daily hours. The Weekly Pass offers 24 hour access for seven consecutive days and the Monthly Pass offers 24 hour access for 30 consecutive days. As with the night and 24 hour passes, the Weekly and Monthly passes require the fobkeys for night access.
 MULTIPASS  Access  Price
 7 Day Pass  08.00-22.00  €125
 Week Pass  00.00-24.00  €125 (+€5)
 Month Pass  00.00-24.00  €240 (+€5)

We believe the addition of our new prices and packages will be a great benefit for customers who wish to be in control of their own time.

The choice is up to you!

For more information, please call 089 474 4686 between 8am and 10pm or write to