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Joel Harkin - Letterkenny - All Ages Show

Joel Harkin & The Burtonport Screamers

Hi pals. It has been a very long time but finally coming back to play a wee gig in Letterkenny joined by a whole crew of my good mates! It will be an incredibly lovely night and I'd be so happy to see you there! You can preorder or presave the new EP Rose Water at if you want to ♥
Deirdre Anna Rose Kelly

Deirdre Anna Rose Kelly is the love of my life! She makes beautiful illustrations and writes class short stories! She'll be reading a few of them for you at this show and let me tell you pals it is something to get excited for! I've heard some of them and they are so lovely! She's class! 
Neptune M.

Myself and Neptune have been good mates for a long time. We used to play a load of different gigs in Letterkenny together in our teenage years, I am so excited to have her opening up at all of the shows on the tour! She has an amazing voice and writes very beautiful songs. It doesn't matter who you are I know you will love her music!

This is an all ages show.

Please Arrive Promptly as music will start at 8:15 and the show will end at 9:45!