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Fairy tale fantasies

by Bobby Rawlings

To kick off our exhibition space in time for our grand opening, local artist Samantha Robinson donated an extensive range of work, from her personal collection, to be displayed around our venue. The art she granted to us all came from her Art For Children collection. This collection consisted of, as you can imagine, artwork specifically designed for children. However, child or not, one cant help but find yourself in awe at her intricate use of different materials and artistic techniques. As she magnificently blends a range of paint, ink, drawings, buttons, wax and everyday materials (one even encompassing coffee beans to create a fantastic effect). Robinson manages to create depth and extraordinary textures, bringing life and character to each one of her works. Through the use of juxtaposition, visually delivered through a range of stark colour contrast, Robinson manages to evoke a multitude of emotions from a single piece, creating an experience for audiences, as they’re able to personally reflect, and create their own stories to accompany the visuals.