Become a Member

There are only two requirements needed to become a MEMBER:

  • ⚈ To register in our data base
  • ⚈ To agree and sign the terms and conditions.

The membership is free. Our members only pay for services provided at Motley Crow anti-cafe.

As a MEMBER you can enjoy:

24/7 access to Motley Crow facilities. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year) Our doors are open to everyone from 8am-10pm, and then members only between 10pm-8am.
Preferential booking. Members have rights to book rooms and spaces for themselves or for their guests, groups or events.
Mailing address. Members can avail of a mailing address for their person, business or organization, so that they can be found or communicated with, for a small fee.
Free exhibition space. Members can display and showcase their art at the anti-café for free. We don’t believe in restricting the creative process, and we hope to evoke, motivate and inspire.
Personal notifications about all events, promotions and campaigns.

Members can be accompanied by a GUEST:

⚈ Guests are any unregistered visitors.
⚈ Guest entry available during daytime hours only – 8:00 - 22:00.
⚈ Guests may visit Motley Crow as a visitor, or as a participant of an event.
⚈ The entry fee for Guests are to be covered by their host or the organizer of the event.
⚈ Guests must leave the premises no later than member/organizer.
⚈ Every Guest is entitled to one free tour at Motley Crow.
⚈ Every Guest can register to become a Member.

All MEMBERS can avail of our special discounts:

Refer a friend. Any member who refers a friend will be entered into a draw to win a free hourly pass, plus other referral bonuses when that friend registers for membership.
Group Discount. Groups of more than 5 people will receive an added 5% discount when visiting Motley Crow.

Members with prominent contribution to our community could be invited and become RESIDENT MEMBERS.

15% discount. All members get a 15% discount on everything - all time spent, room rent price, etc.
FREE Mailing Address
Representation on the website
⚈ Special FREE events – meetings, trainings, seminars, clubs, and more.

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