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7 Ways to Boost Meeting Productivity Through Environment

Meetings are necessary for groups that work together, in small and large businesses alike. Non-traditional workspaces are highly sought after for meeting locations, as these dynamic environments are geared towards improving focus, creativity and connection.

The working environment is a vital component in increasing productivity and boosting employee satisfaction.  There are 7 key elements that business leaders should focus on to find a healthy, comfortable and efficient meeting space.


In the meeting space, comfort matters; physical, psychological and physiological factors all affect how comfortable workers feel within the environment. Over the years, studies and research into the subject have consistently supported the increased benefits and values of a comfortable workspace. With our wild array of seating arrangements, from cosy couches to adjustable, ergonomic chairs, air conditioning and welcoming environment, our comfortable and inviting workspace increases efficiency and boosts moral.

2.Natural Light

Natural light is incredibly important to ensure a happy and conducive workspace. It has been noted that a lack of natural light can be detrimental to the health and well-being of workers, by the increased risk of S.A.D. Our beautiful high-arch windows soak the rooms in natural light, thus elevating mood, reducing stress and ensuring a more productive working environment.


Lack of colour in a working environment affect concentration as they tend to remind individuals of clinical settings. Colours are known to influence mood and brain function, with different colours evoking various responses in people; with this in mind, we embraced a wide colour palette, with calming blue tones to aid concentration, reds to stir emotion and orange to stimulate creativity and passion, to name but a few.

4.Contact with Nature

Research shows that connecting with nature has a positive influence on workers’ wellbeing, physical and mental health. In addition, a study by the University of Michigan demonstrated that after only an hour of interacting with nature, attention spans and memory improved by 20%. Being merely a 2-minute walk from the lush, green Letterkenny Town Park, you have the opportunity to stroll through and absorb the green and peaceful atmosphere during breaks. Our views of nature from windows, which also allow in natural light, and live plants throughout the building facilitate a more productive meeting place.

5.Work/Play Options

A positive space cultured toward flexibility and a work/play balance is scientifically supported to have benefits, as highly-engaged employees are more productive and increase growth. With our ping-pong table, library and musical instruments on hand; you know that you are free to make their own choices balancing work and play. Therefore, you feel valued, trusted, stress is reduced, and motivation is increased.


Millenials and the iGeneration are motivated by a different value system in the workplace than previous generations. In a recent study, 48% of respondents said that when looking for a new job, company perks, including the availability and variety of snacks, would be an integral part of their decision. This is a contributing factor to our popularity, as our collection of hot and cold beverages, snacks and other foodstuffs are all-inclusive.

7.Creative Finishing Touches

A clinical or bland setting is not only unproductive, it is counter-productive; whereas a rich environment with decorative and aesthetic touches can be relaxing and comfortable, or stimulating and inspiring. We exhibit a variety of art, from local artists, in different mediums, thus adding unique details to the space. By rotating collections, we ensure that the working environment never gets stale, with new inspiration on the walls every month.

Physical conditions and aesthetic components of office design are crucial in promoting a sense of comfort. Suitable colours, opportunities to connect with nature, and creative finishing touches all serve to enhance psychological wellbeing. The most comfortable meeting spaces are designed to support individuals, and their work in a holistic, tailored manner, ensuring that a comprehensive approach has the best chance of success. By applying all of these factors to Motley Crow, we created the Coolest Meeting Space in Donegal.