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Artist Support Network

Whether you are an Artist, Musician, Manager, Venue Owner, Festival Organiser, Producer, Sound Engineer or just have a serious interest in helping, supporting or working in the area of original music you are invited to join the Artist Support Network collective!
With the aim of initiating a monthly Open Mic Night in Letterkenny, starting in Sept, the purpose of this meeting will be to plan and discuss how this can be achieved.
A.S.N are looking for enthusiastic people to help with every aspect of the organisation, promotion and hosting of a Monthly Open Mic night, so if you can help or support this in any way your presence at the meeting would be greatly appreciated.
Artist Support Network (ASN) Donegal is a collective of original artists and music industry professionals based in the Donegal area who have come together with the aim of supporting each other and creating opportunities locally in the ever increasingly tough business that is the Irish music scene. So if you like music and want to support it locally, join us and get evolved! - €5 per person/ per meeting.