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Welcome to Motley Crow Anti-café

the coolest space to work and meet in Donegal

Motley Crow Anti-café is a shared social space in the heart of Letterkenny - a design approach that seeks to change the way the traditional cafe operates. We reduce the "dominance of the service", primarily through minimising the "staff only" zone. We encourage our customers to self-service and use all facilities and resources freely and without limits. Its feature is the absence of regular food and beverage menu, visitors pay only for time spent, and all other services are complimentary.

Here our members gather and interact by sharing space, food, drinks and equipment. They have full access to the entire building - open spaces, kitchens, courtyard and parking. This design principle fosters interaction between members, which in turn helps build real community.

A shared social space with continuous and "rich" communication possibilities leads to co-operative behaviour. In our anti-café the partnerships and friendships blossom in the space and often lead to great collaboration and business opportunities.

Motley Crow Anti-café is designed to optimize both private space and social connection. We provide resources and inspiration to get you away from the daily grind, monotony and distractions of your home or office.

The choice is up to you!

The House

The best things are FREE, except the time, of course!


The Home Away from Home in The Centre of Town

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